What Is An Agm Battery? Why do you need one?

AGM is the advanced battery technology which allows an electrolyte to be distributed uniformly across the plate active material of the battery. This enables the battery to repeatedly tolerate deep discharges and offer the entire service life. The AGM battery is much safe because of the free acid which can spill and highly resistant to a failure from the vibration. They allow the installation in any location and are well-known to last up to twice longer than the normal lead-acid batteries. These agm battery reviews might help.

The technology of AGM Battery relates to the Absorbent Glass Mat that started to spread at the beginning of the 1980s. The applications were primarily for the military aircraft, backup power, and vehicles. The main reason why the AGM battery have become commonly known is that the Absorbent Glass Mat technology normally has various benefits which include low internal resistance, the capabilities to offer high currents on a demand and long service life when discharged and charged properly. The AGM battery is maintenance free, offer outstanding electrical reliability and relatively light weight as compared to another type of flooded acid battery.

AGM batteries have small amount of the sulfuric acid when compared to flooded batteries. The acid is actually absorbed by thin fibreglass mat, which allows AGM technology to spill-proof. Benefit of the spill-proof batteries becomes, you can be shipped them with no dangerous material restrictions. Plates in the AGM battery can be manufactured flat same to the standard flooded-lead acid batteries in rectangular shape or can be spiraled into the tubular cell.

Regular-lead acid batteries are supposed be charged for a minimum of one in six months to avoid sulfation which build-up in the car battery. Likewise, AGM battery is far less to build-up the sulfation and it can be stored at longer period before the recharge is need. The battery can stand up to the low self-discharge rate and low temperatures.

The Advantages of AGM Battery

The main benefit of the AGM battery is the charge speed. When compared to other type batteries, the AGM battery can be charged five times faster, given that it is in deep cycled. The Absorbent Glass Mat provides the substantial depth-of-discharge of 80% in contrast to the flooded batteries that can be discharged only at 50% to attain similar cycle life. Nonetheless, all these advantages of the AGM battery also come with the disadvantages, which include low specific output energy and high manufacturing costs when compared to flooded batteries.

The AGM Battery Applications
Different AGM battery essentially are mid-sized which range between 40Ah and 200Ah. They are popular in various applications that include renewable energy like wind energy and solar energy. The application is higher-end vehicles like Mercedes and BMW, power sport vehicles like boats and jet skis, and also industrial machinery like forklifts. The AGM batteries are most perfect battery type for the upscale motorcycle brands, like Triumph and Harley-Davidson. This is by AGM technology reduces acid spillage during the accident on a road, lowering the weight of the load on a motorcycle as a result of the lighter weight allowing installation at any particular angle.

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