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Virginia Beach Fishing

Welcome anglers to the fun and fast paced action of Virginia Beach fishing. The Virginia deep sea fishing grounds and offshore waters offer truly diversified marine resources for anglers anticipating an exciting day of fishing off Va Beach where any species can strike at any given time.

Virginia Beach Fishing

What is it about Virginia Beach fishing that draws so many visiting anglers and sportfishermen to the area year after year? Is it just the great fishing? Could be the great fishing but as a sport fishing travel destination Virginia Beach offers a whole lot more than just the sportfishing.

In addition to some spectacular offshore sportfishing Virginia Beach is the worlds largest resort city. When you visit Virginia Beach for a fishing trip you can also enjoy the beach front and the boardwalk. Over the past few years the oceanfront area has been completely made over and refurbished including the main strip area which is Atlantic Avenue. Here you can find a waterfront hotel where you can walk just a few steps to the boardwalk and beach where you will also find restaurants of all types.

When you visit the Virginia Beach area with your family we know sometimes the wife and kids may not be as passionate about Virginia sport fishing as you are so there are plenty of avtivities for them. There are souvineer shops, candy stores, clothing stores, water parks and plenty of other tourist activities to keep your family busy for days while you go fishing. OK, we know you can't fish everyday, at least if you want to keep the family happy but when you do head offshore on your Virginia Beach fishing trip you can fish comfortably knowing your family will have plenty of things they can do for enjoyment. You can fish comfortably with Captain Mike who is US Coast Guard licensed, has a virginia boating license, and possesses many many years of Virginia Beach fishing experience.


Virginia Beach Fishing

In the mid Atlantic region, Virginia Beach provides an unparalleled fishing experience in many angler's minds. Virginia Beach is able to provide this provocative fishing experience due to the many opportunities that the area provides to both first timers to the most seasoned of anglers.

There are many types of fishing which draw anglers to Virginia Beach. To many anglers, the winter season is often the resting period, where they are forced by mother nature to put up their rods for the season and wait for warmer weather. Not so in the Virginia Beach fishing region.

During the Virginia Beach striper fishing season, you will find tournaments up and down the east coast, with one of the largest, if not the largest striper tourney held in January in Virginia Beach! For a couple of days, the Annual Virginia Beach Rockfish Tourney attracts hundreds of boats looking to score big in the tournament.

Boats and anglers from across the country, some literally from the west coast – come to get in on the awesome Virginia Beach striper action. There are even fishing charter services like Waterman Sport Fishing Charters that you can use if you would like to fish in the rockfish tourney.

Chesapeake Bay Fishing

But if that does not float your boat, there are other options! The Chesapeake Bay is known across the world, with the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, once considered a wonder of the world, and still considered a wonder of the fishing world. This bridge, with its underwater tunnels surrounded by rocks and debris, serves as a veritable menagerie of fish, drawing anglers from across the nation.

Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is likely to net you a variety of bottom feeding species that move in and out of the Bay. This makes bottom fishing in the Chesapeake Bay the best way to catch yourself flounder, drum, spot and croaker. But if bottom feeding is not the way you want to go, you can use a variety of other techniques, ranging from trolling, casting, or using live bait. Using these techniques, you are likely to catch cobia, spanish mackerel, striper, and a few other species.

Virginia Beach Deep Drop Fishing

But if neither of those types of fishing catch your fancy, Virginia Beach provides another type for you. Deep drop fishing, also known as deep sea fishing or wreck fishing, is an extremely popular way of fishing. Deep drop fishing involves fishing sunken shipwrecks, airplanes, and other debris that lie up to and even sometimes over 300 feet below sea level. All of this debris attracts smaller fish, who use the debris as shelter and feed off of the growth which forms on the sunken wrecks. Because of the large number of smaller bait fish in the area, the larger predators and larger fish are attracted to the area, as they, too, are in search of food and shelter. This turns these underwater wrecks into underwater treasure troves of fish!

The term deep drop fishing was coined due to the fact that many of these wrecks are so deep that you are forced to let your line out a long way before you manage to hit bottom. Anglers will use rod n reels that are specially outfitted for deep drop fishing, making the experience as easy as possible, especially on an anglers winding arm. Deep drop fishing in Virginia Beach can result in you catching a variety of different kinds of fish, including blueline tilefish, golden tilefish, and jumbo sea-bass. Who knows, occasionally you might even catch a fish that is rare to the Virginia waters, like a grouper.

If you are interested in the exciting variety of fishing in Virginia Beach, be sure to call or contact Captain Mike Standing and he will be more than happy to set up your trip and to answer any questions that you might have.

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