Top picks for Fishing trip essentials

Summer marks the beginning of a loaded and fun-filled schedule of outdoor activities. The most popular of the lot, regardless of age, is fishing. Who doesn’t like to spend a whole day alongside a calming riverside with family, friends and loads of snacks! This article will help you with what to pack for this adventurous day out.

First off, the category of essentials are:

a) Personal Items

b) Fishing Equipment

a) Personal items

• Comfortable and protective clothing to prevent sunburns and other skin damages caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

• Water shoes or Flip-Flops to protect your footwear from wear and tear.

• Hats to further reduce direct exposure to the heat during summer.

• Sunscreen

• Polarised Sunglasses, both, a fashion statement and a protective layer for the eyes.

• Foldable raincoats, for a stitch in time, saves nine. Even though it is summer, chances of a slight mid-summer shower are not entirely off limits.

• Bath utility items such as soap and shampoo to clean after a long day.

• First aid kit for any sudden medical emergencies. The bag must contain some essential items such as band-aids, a disinfectant, ointment, cotton and a few other essentials depending on individual requirements.

• What are trips without amazing pictures to etch each moment forever in the book of life? To capture and preserve memories, carry a portable camera. Ensure it is water-proof and also, don’t forget to take an extra memory card. Also, make sure to bring your chargers, cords, and cables!

b) Fishing equipment

• Lightweight waterproof backpacks that will help store items required for a fishing day out and at the same time is capable of protecting these items from possible rains, and even unexpected falls into the water.

• Rods and reels, either of your own or those provided by the lodge or hotel that is housing you.

• Lures, flies and terminal tackle. Seek the advice of local fly/tackle shops, and outfitters on what the current fishing conditions are and what lures, flies, and techniques can work the best.

• In the case of Line and leader, it is always best to bring some spare material if you are using your own equipment.

• You can use interior dividers to put in place your clothes and other personal items in the bag you are carrying. Also, it is best to keep extra clothes and other essentials in case of any emergencies.

• Waterproof box to store items such as wallets, rings, mobile phone, watches and other electronic devices or important documents.

• Also, last but definitely not the least, do not forget your fishing licenses without which none of the above even apply as lack of a permit can put an unexpected stop to all your elaborate planning.

These tips cannot guarantee a good catch, but most certainly the right preparation will always result in a delightful experience. So let us cherish the process and keep aside thoughts of the fruit of labour. Happy fishing!

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