Things to consider before buying a marine battery

A marine battery might look like a standard car battery. But there is a huge difference between a marine battery and car battery. Car Batteries are starting batteries or cranking batteries. They are designed to provide the power only to start the engine. Marine batteries are designed not only to provide the power to start the engine but also to give constant supply to various parts of the boat.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before buying a marine battery. It is not the kind of thing that you go and buy just like that. Various parameters come into play. Before buying a marine battery check some online websites for reviews. Make sure to go the best. Even though they are little expensive, marine batteries are ones that you need to consider quality over cost. Here is the link to the website that has the best reviews about the batteries in the market. These are some of the things that need to be considered before buying a marine battery.

The battery type

There are two categories of batteries. They are the starting battery and the cycling battery. The starting batteries are the ones that are used in cars. They are used in cars because the only purpose of the battery is to power the engine while starting. But when it comes to boats the situation and the requirement are very different. The cycle batteries must be used in boats because the battery has to power the engines the while starting and also continually provide power for various other purposes in the boat. The boat spends some of the time anchored, during this time there are things in the boat that needs to powered like fans, lights, and TV. Hence make sure to choose a cycle battery while buying a marine battery.

The size

The marine batteries come in various sizes. Even though the size of the battery doesn’t have much of impact, buying a proper size battery helps to place it accurately. Before buying a marine battery make sure to note the size of the battery and buy them. The battery comes in various sizes like 24,27,31,4D and 8D.

The battery capacity

The capacity of the battery is a significant thing that needs to take into account. It is because the usage of the battery directly impacts the life of the battery. The capacity of the battery is generally mentioned in amps which is the short form of the ampere. The batteries that are mentioned as a hundred amps can produce five amps for twenty hours or can give a hundred amps in one hour. Choose the battery according to requirement. The need varies for every boat depending on the electronics in the boat.

Go for maintenance free batteries.

Opting for maintenance free batteries is always better. The maintenance-free batteries are expensive than the regular batteries. But paying the price is definitely worth it. The maintenance-free batteries have jelly type solutions as electrolytes. These batteries last longer and also are very effective when compared to the other batteries. The electrolytes in these batteries conduct the charge very quickly than other electrolytes.

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