The 7 Best Summer Bass Fishing Tips

As most of us would agree, summer is the best time of the year to catch giant fish on top waters. During summer the big fish move up to shallow parts in the morning to feed and later on the go back into the deep cold waters where they feed at night. So here are some tips you could use to lure them in:

1. Whopper flopper 130

The whopper is a sizeable topwater bait, and the reason for its use is the fact that, if there are few fishes in the deep cold waters who want to feed in the shallow waters are lured in with its distinctive tail which acts as a decoy and attracts the big fish into the open.

2. Crank Bait

This bait is the explorer of the deep zones whereby it lures in the fish and lets the fisherman know the fish is there. In the summer-time, the deep diving crankbaits are often used to attract big fish as when you cast the crankbait and start to wench it creates a reaction strike which favoured by the bass, once it attracts the bass it can bring in a whole school behind it.

3. Football Jigs

The name originates from the football figure on the top, and shaped like a “J”. This is the best bait to cast into rock piles as it creates a commotion. The jig while being dragged through the ground its ridges causes the dust to kick up and lures the bass in as it imitates the crawfish. These jigs are of different colours and used according to the type of water you are fishing in.

4. Magnum Shaky Worm

These baits are cast farther into the water, on being dense plastic, they are heavy and get to the bottom of the water body. Only fishes who are opportunists are tempted to be lured to this bait as they are waiting for anything to make a move since they are hungry. This bait is used by dragging it slowly or shaking it gently as it decoys a fish on the move.

5. SwimBait

The bait which imitates a fish and you have 90-95% chance to get a bass, especially in the summer as they wait for the slightest movement in the water. These baits are realistic, and the action created by them when dragged looks like a dying or swimming fish.

6. Topwater Frog Bait

This bait is used in lakes to lure in the bass. Usually, areas with tall grass are a preferred bait spot. Topwater frog bait is best used in the morning and is useful not only in the summer but also in other climatic conditions.

7. Spook

The Spook works best with low light conditions especially in early mornings or late at night. It is useful in areas where there are is a school of fish, as it helps lure them in. The spook is usually cast out in long distances.

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