DIY Craft ideas for Fishing Enthusiasts

An ardent fisher regardless of what time of year it is and to top it a substantial DIY enthusiast? Then this article will help you find the perfect balance between craft and hobby. Here are some unique fishing crafts that you can make all on your own from scratch.

1. Fishing rod carrying tube

Find it cumbersome and unsafe to carry around a huge fishing rod? Fishing rods are incredibly fragile and prone to damage if not handled with care. So the best way to care for them is by putting them in a carrying case. All you need is a PVC pipe, drill, nuts and bolts, some duck tapes and straps.

2. Artificial fishing lures made of hot glue

Find the perfect use for your favourite hot glue guns in your fishing hobby. Make a hand-painted fishing lure with hot glue! You’ll need hot glue, a small piece of copper pipe to act as a plunger to set the mould, plastic soda bottle cap, Epoxy Putty, Car Body Putty, Vice grips to hold the heating elements and finally a hacksaw and a screwdriver.

3. Bottle top-spinner

Attaching a spinner on the hook near the lure makes it easy to draw the attention of the fish just like how a smaller fish or insect would. All you need to make this is as a bottle cap.

4. Lemon Juice bottle bobber

The bright yellow shade of the lemon juice bottle is a perfect attention grabber. All you need is an empty lemon juice bottle. Then take out your fishing line and draw out enough to replicate a decent line toss. Then work your way up to the centre and wrap the line around the top, a little above the ridge of the bottle and the screw top. Once you wind a few times, place the cap back on and seal securely. Finally, add hooks and weights to the end of your line.

5. Fishing Pole

You can now make a fishing pole by merely using a stick, line and a hook.

• Take a stick.

• Begin at one end and work upwards till you reach the handle spot.

• Knot this spot.

• Wind the line up the rod towards the opposite end.

• Knot once again and add your hook, bait, bobber as well.

6. Universal fishing line winder

Easy to build and inexpensive it helps fill fishing reels with line and is user-friendly, prevents tangle, solo-operable, far cheaper, and just as effective as store models. Mounting both horizontally and vertically is easy. For this, you need plywood scrap, screws, machine bolt, washers, compression springs, spacers and rubber tubing.

7. Pocket tackle box

Handy mini tackle box made with just an Altoids tin and popsicle sticks. It contains six storage compartments to store hooks, line, and sinkers. Materials to make this are, Altoids tin, scissors, gift card, hot glue gun, popsicle sticks and spray-paint.

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