Best Fishing Spots in the World


Do you like fishing and wish to try out it in different places? There are a number of fishing spots around the globe that will make a great adventure where you can easily go with normal fishing boats. The fishing spots comprise of lakes, sea water, rivers, and streams among others. We have sampled out some of the best fishing spots in the world that you need to try out today.

Giant Black Marlin, Cairns, Australia

Giant Black Marlin


For those who stay or wish to visit Australia, this is an ideal fishing spot that will suit you. The fishing spot has one most coveted catches with a weight of 750 kg and can swim for up to 130 km per hour. Other than this, it also has a stunning 250 km stretch located between the Lizard Island and Cairns, which provides the ideal hook spot. The ideal season for fishing in this spot is from early September to late December.

Taimen, Eg-UUR River Basin, Mongolia

For those who love fishing in the rivers, this is an excellent fishing spot to try out. The fishing spot provides determined taimen trollers the best experience needed to get their ideal beast. This is because the fish can always live for up to 50 years. In addition to this, the spot is known to be more famous for the steppes compared to the streams. This spot is known to be the largest spot for the trout species; hence a great area for fishing. The taimen that is found in the area is able to weight up to 90 kg and grows up to 2M long. It is an excellent spot that will make your fishing experience great.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard

This has been a great fishing spot for the last 70 years. The spot allows you to explore the natural beauty of the island as you enjoy the fishing. It is known for a wide range of full-grown species like the Boneto, bluefish, striped bass, and false albacore among others. The spot, which has been situated at the migratory route, is known for a wide range of natural baits that are eaten by fish. Lastly, it also a perfect fishing spot with a number of experienced fishermen and all the locals who are casting their poppers and parachute jigs.

East Cape Baja, Mexico

The East Cape is another known fishing spot for the big gaming fishing. The spot has a wide range of fish like roosters, Dorado, striped and black marlin, wahoo, and sailfish among others. It contains some of the biggest Marlins that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds; hence an excellent place to try out your fishing skills. Other than this, the fishing spot has its peak fishing season from May to November. It is a great spot that will ensure that you experience something new.


The other best fishing spots in the world to try out include;

  • Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
  • Iztapa, Guatemala
  • Piranha, Amazon Basin, Brazil
  • Shrimp, Oostduinkereke, Belgium

These are some of the famous fishing spots that will make your vacation memorable. They are spots will different fish species and easily accessible. Besides this, they are beautiful islands that will give you a new experience.

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