5 Ways to Make Fish Bait Without Worms

The traditional bait to lure in fish are worms. But usually, worms tend to disgust many owing to their slimy nature, so here are some of the effective baits used instead of worms.

1. Soap

Yes, soaps are used to lure in fish especially if you trying to reel in a catfish. These soaps must be pure without any scents, chemical etc. just like natural homemade soaps. The commonly used natural soap is the ivory soap, it leaves a scent trail when dragged across and lures in fishes from long distances. The ivory soap is often baked in an oven to make it pliable so it can be hooked on quickly.

2. Grasshoppers or cricket

These insects make a great bait to lure in the fish. They are hooked on to the end of the hook and dragged alongside the water where it shows a drowning or helpless insect which attracts the fish to make its final move. They are much effective than worms as they are live baits which can seek the attention of the hungry fishes in the water.

3. Small Aquatic fish

Shrimps, squid and many other tiny aquatic creatures can be a substitute bait to lure in the fish. Fishes especially go for the shrimp as it is a common prey in the waters. They are a little pricey but worth the catch. The usage of this bait is in inshore saltwater fishing. The shrimp is lowered into the water and is dragged very slowly which imitates a live shrimp which is casually moving along, and this attracts the fish to go for the bait. Fishes consume shrimp; therefore they are commonly used by fishermen.

4. Chicken Liver

The best homely bait is the chicken liver and easy purchase from the grocery store. The main reason this is effective is due to its distinctive smell which lures in big fish like the catfish, striped bass etc. If you have a farm, then you’re in luck to get these baits which have been very helpful than worms. Most fishers wrap around sewing thread on the liver which is hooked on, to have a better grip, so it does not come off the hook.

5. Artificial Baits

Best in the best business to lure in fish. They have proved to be number one strategies for places without worms. They imitate real life fish or an insect in water and gains the attention of the big fish lurking in the water. These baits are of different shapes and sizes, some of the commonly used baits are the jigs, spoons, spooks, swimbaits etc. Worms do not stand a chance against these artificial traps.

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