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What Is An Agm Battery? Why do you need one?

AGM is the advanced battery technology which allows an electrolyte to be distributed uniformly across the plate active material of the battery. This enables the battery to repeatedly tolerate deep discharges and offer the entire service life. The AGM battery is much safe because of the free acid which can spill and highly resistant to a failure from the vibration. They allow the installation in any location and are well-known to last up to twice longer than the normal lead-acid batteries. These agm battery reviews might help.

The technology of AGM Battery relates to the Absorbent Glass Mat that started to spread at the beginning of the 1980s. The applications were primarily for the military aircraft, backup power, and vehicles. The main reason why the AGM battery have become commonly known is that the Absorbent Glass Mat technology normally has various benefits which include low internal resistance, the capabilities to offer high currents on a demand and long service life when discharged and charged properly. The AGM battery is maintenance free, offer outstanding electrical reliability and relatively light weight as compared to another type of flooded acid battery.

AGM batteries have small amount of the sulfuric acid when compared to flooded batteries. The acid is actually absorbed by thin fibreglass mat, which allows AGM technology to spill-proof. Benefit of the spill-proof batteries becomes, you can be shipped them with no dangerous material restrictions. Plates in the AGM battery can be manufactured flat same to the standard flooded-lead acid batteries in rectangular shape or can be spiraled into the tubular cell.

Regular-lead acid batteries are supposed be charged for a minimum of one in six months to avoid sulfation which build-up in the car battery. Likewise, AGM battery is far less to build-up the sulfation and it can be stored at longer period before the recharge is need. The battery can stand up to the low self-discharge rate and low temperatures.

The Advantages of AGM Battery

The main benefit of the AGM battery is the charge speed. When compared to other type batteries, the AGM battery can be charged five times faster, given that it is in deep cycled. The Absorbent Glass Mat provides the substantial depth-of-discharge of 80% in contrast to the flooded batteries that can be discharged only at 50% to attain similar cycle life. Nonetheless, all these advantages of the AGM battery also come with the disadvantages, which include low specific output energy and high manufacturing costs when compared to flooded batteries.

The AGM Battery Applications
Different AGM battery essentially are mid-sized which range between 40Ah and 200Ah. They are popular in various applications that include renewable energy like wind energy and solar energy. The application is higher-end vehicles like Mercedes and BMW, power sport vehicles like boats and jet skis, and also industrial machinery like forklifts. The AGM batteries are most perfect battery type for the upscale motorcycle brands, like Triumph and Harley-Davidson. This is by AGM technology reduces acid spillage during the accident on a road, lowering the weight of the load on a motorcycle as a result of the lighter weight allowing installation at any particular angle.

Best Fishing Spots in the World


Do you like fishing and wish to try out it in different places? There are a number of fishing spots around the globe that will make a great adventure where you can easily go with normal fishing boats. The fishing spots comprise of lakes, sea water, rivers, and streams among others. We have sampled out some of the best fishing spots in the world that you need to try out today.

Giant Black Marlin, Cairns, Australia

Giant Black Marlin


For those who stay or wish to visit Australia, this is an ideal fishing spot that will suit you. The fishing spot has one most coveted catches with a weight of 750 kg and can swim for up to 130 km per hour. Other than this, it also has a stunning 250 km stretch located between the Lizard Island and Cairns, which provides the ideal hook spot. The ideal season for fishing in this spot is from early September to late December.

Taimen, Eg-UUR River Basin, Mongolia

For those who love fishing in the rivers, this is an excellent fishing spot to try out. The fishing spot provides determined taimen trollers the best experience needed to get their ideal beast. This is because the fish can always live for up to 50 years. In addition to this, the spot is known to be more famous for the steppes compared to the streams. This spot is known to be the largest spot for the trout species; hence a great area for fishing. The taimen that is found in the area is able to weight up to 90 kg and grows up to 2M long. It is an excellent spot that will make your fishing experience great.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard

This has been a great fishing spot for the last 70 years. The spot allows you to explore the natural beauty of the island as you enjoy the fishing. It is known for a wide range of full-grown species like the Boneto, bluefish, striped bass, and false albacore among others. The spot, which has been situated at the migratory route, is known for a wide range of natural baits that are eaten by fish. Lastly, it also a perfect fishing spot with a number of experienced fishermen and all the locals who are casting their poppers and parachute jigs.

East Cape Baja, Mexico

The East Cape is another known fishing spot for the big gaming fishing. The spot has a wide range of fish like roosters, Dorado, striped and black marlin, wahoo, and sailfish among others. It contains some of the biggest Marlins that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds; hence an excellent place to try out your fishing skills. Other than this, the fishing spot has its peak fishing season from May to November. It is a great spot that will ensure that you experience something new.


The other best fishing spots in the world to try out include;

  • Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
  • Iztapa, Guatemala
  • Piranha, Amazon Basin, Brazil
  • Shrimp, Oostduinkereke, Belgium

These are some of the famous fishing spots that will make your vacation memorable. They are spots will different fish species and easily accessible. Besides this, they are beautiful islands that will give you a new experience.

Things to consider before buying a marine battery

A marine battery might look like a standard car battery. But there is a huge difference between a marine battery and car battery. Car Batteries are starting batteries or cranking batteries. They are designed to provide the power only to start the engine. Marine batteries are designed not only to provide the power to start the engine but also to give constant supply to various parts of the boat.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before buying a marine battery. It is not the kind of thing that you go and buy just like that. Various parameters come into play. Before buying a marine battery check some online websites for reviews. Make sure to go the best. Even though they are little expensive, marine batteries are ones that you need to consider quality over cost. Here is the link to the website that has the best reviews about the batteries in the market. These are some of the things that need to be considered before buying a marine battery.

The battery type

There are two categories of batteries. They are the starting battery and the cycling battery. The starting batteries are the ones that are used in cars. They are used in cars because the only purpose of the battery is to power the engine while starting. But when it comes to boats the situation and the requirement are very different. The cycle batteries must be used in boats because the battery has to power the engines the while starting and also continually provide power for various other purposes in the boat. The boat spends some of the time anchored, during this time there are things in the boat that needs to powered like fans, lights, and TV. Hence make sure to choose a cycle battery while buying a marine battery.

The size

The marine batteries come in various sizes. Even though the size of the battery doesn’t have much of impact, buying a proper size battery helps to place it accurately. Before buying a marine battery make sure to note the size of the battery and buy them. The battery comes in various sizes like 24,27,31,4D and 8D.

The battery capacity

The capacity of the battery is a significant thing that needs to take into account. It is because the usage of the battery directly impacts the life of the battery. The capacity of the battery is generally mentioned in amps which is the short form of the ampere. The batteries that are mentioned as a hundred amps can produce five amps for twenty hours or can give a hundred amps in one hour. Choose the battery according to requirement. The need varies for every boat depending on the electronics in the boat.

Go for maintenance free batteries.

Opting for maintenance free batteries is always better. The maintenance-free batteries are expensive than the regular batteries. But paying the price is definitely worth it. The maintenance-free batteries have jelly type solutions as electrolytes. These batteries last longer and also are very effective when compared to the other batteries. The electrolytes in these batteries conduct the charge very quickly than other electrolytes.

Top picks for Fishing trip essentials

Summer marks the beginning of a loaded and fun-filled schedule of outdoor activities. The most popular of the lot, regardless of age, is fishing. Who doesn’t like to spend a whole day alongside a calming riverside with family, friends and loads of snacks! This article will help you with what to pack for this adventurous day out.

First off, the category of essentials are:

a) Personal Items

b) Fishing Equipment

a) Personal items

• Comfortable and protective clothing to prevent sunburns and other skin damages caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

• Water shoes or Flip-Flops to protect your footwear from wear and tear.

• Hats to further reduce direct exposure to the heat during summer.

• Sunscreen

• Polarised Sunglasses, both, a fashion statement and a protective layer for the eyes.

• Foldable raincoats, for a stitch in time, saves nine. Even though it is summer, chances of a slight mid-summer shower are not entirely off limits.

• Bath utility items such as soap and shampoo to clean after a long day.

• First aid kit for any sudden medical emergencies. The bag must contain some essential items such as band-aids, a disinfectant, ointment, cotton and a few other essentials depending on individual requirements.

• What are trips without amazing pictures to etch each moment forever in the book of life? To capture and preserve memories, carry a portable camera. Ensure it is water-proof and also, don’t forget to take an extra memory card. Also, make sure to bring your chargers, cords, and cables!

b) Fishing equipment

• Lightweight waterproof backpacks that will help store items required for a fishing day out and at the same time is capable of protecting these items from possible rains, and even unexpected falls into the water.

• Rods and reels, either of your own or those provided by the lodge or hotel that is housing you.

• Lures, flies and terminal tackle. Seek the advice of local fly/tackle shops, and outfitters on what the current fishing conditions are and what lures, flies, and techniques can work the best.

• In the case of Line and leader, it is always best to bring some spare material if you are using your own equipment.

• You can use interior dividers to put in place your clothes and other personal items in the bag you are carrying. Also, it is best to keep extra clothes and other essentials in case of any emergencies.

• Waterproof box to store items such as wallets, rings, mobile phone, watches and other electronic devices or important documents.

• Also, last but definitely not the least, do not forget your fishing licenses without which none of the above even apply as lack of a permit can put an unexpected stop to all your elaborate planning.

These tips cannot guarantee a good catch, but most certainly the right preparation will always result in a delightful experience. So let us cherish the process and keep aside thoughts of the fruit of labour. Happy fishing!

The 7 Best Summer Bass Fishing Tips

As most of us would agree, summer is the best time of the year to catch giant fish on top waters. During summer the big fish move up to shallow parts in the morning to feed and later on the go back into the deep cold waters where they feed at night. So here are some tips you could use to lure them in:

1. Whopper flopper 130

The whopper is a sizeable topwater bait, and the reason for its use is the fact that, if there are few fishes in the deep cold waters who want to feed in the shallow waters are lured in with its distinctive tail which acts as a decoy and attracts the big fish into the open.

2. Crank Bait

This bait is the explorer of the deep zones whereby it lures in the fish and lets the fisherman know the fish is there. In the summer-time, the deep diving crankbaits are often used to attract big fish as when you cast the crankbait and start to wench it creates a reaction strike which favoured by the bass, once it attracts the bass it can bring in a whole school behind it.

3. Football Jigs

The name originates from the football figure on the top, and shaped like a “J”. This is the best bait to cast into rock piles as it creates a commotion. The jig while being dragged through the ground its ridges causes the dust to kick up and lures the bass in as it imitates the crawfish. These jigs are of different colours and used according to the type of water you are fishing in.

4. Magnum Shaky Worm

These baits are cast farther into the water, on being dense plastic, they are heavy and get to the bottom of the water body. Only fishes who are opportunists are tempted to be lured to this bait as they are waiting for anything to make a move since they are hungry. This bait is used by dragging it slowly or shaking it gently as it decoys a fish on the move.

5. SwimBait

The bait which imitates a fish and you have 90-95% chance to get a bass, especially in the summer as they wait for the slightest movement in the water. These baits are realistic, and the action created by them when dragged looks like a dying or swimming fish.

6. Topwater Frog Bait

This bait is used in lakes to lure in the bass. Usually, areas with tall grass are a preferred bait spot. Topwater frog bait is best used in the morning and is useful not only in the summer but also in other climatic conditions.

7. Spook

The Spook works best with low light conditions especially in early mornings or late at night. It is useful in areas where there are is a school of fish, as it helps lure them in. The spook is usually cast out in long distances.

DIY Craft ideas for Fishing Enthusiasts

An ardent fisher regardless of what time of year it is and to top it a substantial DIY enthusiast? Then this article will help you find the perfect balance between craft and hobby. Here are some unique fishing crafts that you can make all on your own from scratch.

1. Fishing rod carrying tube

Find it cumbersome and unsafe to carry around a huge fishing rod? Fishing rods are incredibly fragile and prone to damage if not handled with care. So the best way to care for them is by putting them in a carrying case. All you need is a PVC pipe, drill, nuts and bolts, some duck tapes and straps.

2. Artificial fishing lures made of hot glue

Find the perfect use for your favourite hot glue guns in your fishing hobby. Make a hand-painted fishing lure with hot glue! You’ll need hot glue, a small piece of copper pipe to act as a plunger to set the mould, plastic soda bottle cap, Epoxy Putty, Car Body Putty, Vice grips to hold the heating elements and finally a hacksaw and a screwdriver.

3. Bottle top-spinner

Attaching a spinner on the hook near the lure makes it easy to draw the attention of the fish just like how a smaller fish or insect would. All you need to make this is as a bottle cap.

4. Lemon Juice bottle bobber

The bright yellow shade of the lemon juice bottle is a perfect attention grabber. All you need is an empty lemon juice bottle. Then take out your fishing line and draw out enough to replicate a decent line toss. Then work your way up to the centre and wrap the line around the top, a little above the ridge of the bottle and the screw top. Once you wind a few times, place the cap back on and seal securely. Finally, add hooks and weights to the end of your line.

5. Fishing Pole

You can now make a fishing pole by merely using a stick, line and a hook.

• Take a stick.

• Begin at one end and work upwards till you reach the handle spot.

• Knot this spot.

• Wind the line up the rod towards the opposite end.

• Knot once again and add your hook, bait, bobber as well.

6. Universal fishing line winder

Easy to build and inexpensive it helps fill fishing reels with line and is user-friendly, prevents tangle, solo-operable, far cheaper, and just as effective as store models. Mounting both horizontally and vertically is easy. For this, you need plywood scrap, screws, machine bolt, washers, compression springs, spacers and rubber tubing.

7. Pocket tackle box

Handy mini tackle box made with just an Altoids tin and popsicle sticks. It contains six storage compartments to store hooks, line, and sinkers. Materials to make this are, Altoids tin, scissors, gift card, hot glue gun, popsicle sticks and spray-paint.

5 Ways to Make Fish Bait Without Worms

The traditional bait to lure in fish are worms. But usually, worms tend to disgust many owing to their slimy nature, so here are some of the effective baits used instead of worms.

1. Soap

Yes, soaps are used to lure in fish especially if you trying to reel in a catfish. These soaps must be pure without any scents, chemical etc. just like natural homemade soaps. The commonly used natural soap is the ivory soap, it leaves a scent trail when dragged across and lures in fishes from long distances. The ivory soap is often baked in an oven to make it pliable so it can be hooked on quickly.

2. Grasshoppers or cricket

These insects make a great bait to lure in the fish. They are hooked on to the end of the hook and dragged alongside the water where it shows a drowning or helpless insect which attracts the fish to make its final move. They are much effective than worms as they are live baits which can seek the attention of the hungry fishes in the water.

3. Small Aquatic fish

Shrimps, squid and many other tiny aquatic creatures can be a substitute bait to lure in the fish. Fishes especially go for the shrimp as it is a common prey in the waters. They are a little pricey but worth the catch. The usage of this bait is in inshore saltwater fishing. The shrimp is lowered into the water and is dragged very slowly which imitates a live shrimp which is casually moving along, and this attracts the fish to go for the bait. Fishes consume shrimp; therefore they are commonly used by fishermen.

4. Chicken Liver

The best homely bait is the chicken liver and easy purchase from the grocery store. The main reason this is effective is due to its distinctive smell which lures in big fish like the catfish, striped bass etc. If you have a farm, then you’re in luck to get these baits which have been very helpful than worms. Most fishers wrap around sewing thread on the liver which is hooked on, to have a better grip, so it does not come off the hook.

5. Artificial Baits

Best in the best business to lure in fish. They have proved to be number one strategies for places without worms. They imitate real life fish or an insect in water and gains the attention of the big fish lurking in the water. These baits are of different shapes and sizes, some of the commonly used baits are the jigs, spoons, spooks, swimbaits etc. Worms do not stand a chance against these artificial traps.

Deep sea sport fishing takes place in the deeper parts of the sea

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